Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Is Austria The Best Place To Live And Retire?

Best Places To Retire

Austria offers extreme terrains for people who love the cold - the Alps will challenge any extreme adventurer. Similar sports such as snowboarding or ski-jumping are also widely popular. So if you like to laze around covered with snow, listen to classical music and dissect the inner workings of mind and spirit, the comforting atmosphere of Austria invites you.

First and foremost, music is the soul of Austria's culture being the birthplace of many famous composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Anton Bruckner, Johann Strauss, Sr., Johann Strauss, Jr. and Gustav Mahler as well as members of the Second Viennese School such as Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern and Alban Berg. It's starting to get easy to see why Austris is one of the best places to live and retire.

It has long been an important center of musical innovation with eighteenth and nineteenth century composers drawn to the city due to the patronage of the Habsburgs, and made Vienna the European capital of classical music. Vienna's status began its rise as a cultural center in the early 1500s, and was focused around instruments. Beethoven, the greatest of all music composers spent most of his life in Vienna. 

Austria not only prides itself in music but it also boast of a diverse cuisine which is influenced by Hungarian, Czech, Jewish, Italian and Bavarian cuisines, from which both dishes and methods of food preparation have often been borrowed. Austrian food is the most versatile in all of Europe. If you love to eat, Austria is one of the best places to retire in the world.

Austria's past is a looking-glass and offers cinema-like scenario that are likely to be found in either a Shakespearean comedy or tragedy. It is the birthplace of the world's famous persons, both revered and reviled, and boasts of a culture that succinctly combines the classical and the modern. A landlocked country in Central Europe, the Republic of Austria borders both Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Slovenia and Italy to the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west. The capital is the city of Vienna on the Danube River.

Vienna, being a cradle of classical music, has reared into the world the geniuses of music with its atmosphere bereft then of the goose stomping army of the Third Reich led by the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, a native Austrian. Despite its convoluted back history involving the Nazi's and Hitler, Austria is a lovely place that will surely hypnotize people to come and settle there. Find out more about this best place to retire.

Although known primarily for its music, Austria also was the cradle of numerous scientists with international reputations. Among them Lise Meitner, Erwin Schrödinger and Wolfgang Pauli to nuclear research and quantum mechanics were key to these areas' development during the 1920s and 1930s. Freud and Arnold The Terminator are from Austria.

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